Mens Hair Loss: The Causes & Facts

Noticed your hair is thinning or disappearing? Not quite sure what's happening or how to keep your head looking as bushy as the day you hit puberty? 


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What's the deal with hair loss?

Stop for a second, rub your hand through your hair, notice anything? Look in the mirror, do you see a forehead or is it more of a five-head? I'm sorry to say my friend but you could be one of the 40 percent of fellas or 13 percent of women that begin losing their hair by age 40. You might even fall into the two-thirds of women post menopause that experience hair thinning. Hair loss will affect almost everyone at some point in their life, it's just a matter of at what age and to what degree. 

Being a young stud such as yourself, it can be scary to think about male or female pattern baldness but it doesn't need to be. With enough education and the right hair regrowth treatment you can pull the breaks on premature hair loss and get back to being the hunk or m'lady we both know you are. We too were a couple young bucks not ready to say goodbye to our youth and to the curls we had grown so fond of. As a result, joebloe was born but it wasn't without first educating ourselves on what the hell was going on.

One thing we will address before getting into all things hair loss is that this is a guide for someone gradually losing their hair caused by types of alopecia. If you're not sure, read on and learn if this applies to you. If your hair loss is sudden, significant and unexplainable please contact a doctor as it could be something a little more serious in some cases.


The sooner you start,
the sooner you’ll get it back!


The Stages of Hair Growth

The Stages of Hair Growth



First cab off the rank and the most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. Bit of a mouthful to say but one thing is for sure, you are not alone in struggling to pronounce it and you sure as hell aren't alone in wanting to learn how to treat it. 

You're noticing a few less hairs on your noggin and now you're asking yourself "WHY ME? Why do bad things happen to good people?". The simple answer to that question is simple, your genes. The majority of hair loss in both men and women stem from the genes your parents passed on to you. We'll touch on the myth about which parent it comes from later but that bastard enzyme they passed on to you, better known as 5-alpha reductase turns testosterone into DHT.

For the average person, the hair growth cycle from start to finish is roughly 2-6 years for each strand. In people who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, these cycles are shortened to 6 to 8 months.That means it takes longer for hair to start growing back after it is shed. Just like the movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", your hairs become miniaturised, which means they gradually end up thinner, finer and shorter. This results in that not so stylish look of balding, but not quite ready to accept you're balding... You know that Donald Trump look or the pre-hair transplant Wayne Rooney?

So what role does tostesterone and DHT play? I'm glad you asked but first we need to talk about testosterone to set the scene a little. Now in blokes, testosterone is a completely normal sex hormone (androgen) needed for normal sexual function and reproduction. It's when that lil guy you inherited from your parents called 5-alpha reductase, converts it into DHT. DHT binds to receptors in your hair follicles and causes miniaturisation which can lead to a complete halt in hair growth for those DHT-affected follicles. 

While this is the most common cause of pattern baldness in men and women it doesn't mean game over. While there is no androgenetic alopecia cure there is plenty of options for a fella (or lady) such as yourself that isn't ready to part ways with those luscious locks. 


I'll be honest, if you asked me to say areata out loud I'd probably make a fool of myself... Are-e-ata? Yeah, good enough! Where does it come from? You guessed it, this bad boy is once again thought to be passed on to you from those gene-sharing-monsters you call mum and dad. If they've copped a case of the alopecia areata's in their life it doesn't mean that's your future but i'm sorry to say you are significantly more likely than someone with no family history.

The condition is thought to be an autoimmune disorder in which your body freaks out and attacks its own hair follicles, usually brought on by some sort of trigger. Essentially your immune system (which fights bad guys) doesn't recognise your hair as one of the good guys and like a swarm of bees surrounds the hair follicles and prevents them from growing. What's a trigger? Well, things like a major life event such as trauma, severe illness, pregnancy or emotional stress are examples of them. Combine that with hereditary factors and you're looking down the barrel of a case of your own. 

The symptoms to watch out for is non-scarring hair loss in single or multiple areas of the scalp, face or body. Like a bit of a patch-work quilt, your head can end up with a few spots of hair missing. If this is the current state of your dome, again don't stress, it's quite a common condition and about one person in 50 will experience an episode of alopecia areata. 

Luckily for you and every other person that suffers from this condition, the damage to hair growth is not permanent. Majority of people will see the return of their hair in the same amount of time between John Farnham farewell tours at the local RSL (that's a couple of short months for those who haven't blessed their ears with some live Farnham). 


Telogen effluvium is a form of hair loss where an illness or major life event such as pregnancy, major illness or major surgery triggers the hairs on the scalp to change from the anagen phase (growth phase) to the telogen phase (shedding phase) which results in excessive hair loss. 

Traction alopecia is a hair loss and damage caused by tightly pulled hairstyles such as cornrows, dreadlocks, braids and tight buns. If treated early it is completely reversible and the hair will regrow. Over time, however, hair follicles can become irreversibly damaged and by then it's too late my friend.

Anagen effluvium is widespread hair loss cause from chemotherapy or other radiation therapy procedures. In most cases, once the treatment is finished the hair returns.

Trichotillomania is a condition of compulsive and aggressive hair picking or pulling that can lead to patches of near complete hair loss. This is either a bad habit you need to shake ASAP or it could be something a little more so we recommend chatting to a doctor if you can't stop. 



Got It From My Mumma

Fergie always had me believing that you got it from yo Mumma. While this is partially true I have to call Fergie out on semi-sort of lying. While you definitely can inherit the baldness gene from your Mumma, it's actually a combination of both parents so don't let Pappa off the hook. Studies have shown that while the baldness gene is associated with the X chromosone passed on to you from your mother, if your father's side has a strong history of chrome domes or five-heads, chances are you won't escape it. Next family gathering check out (in a not weird way) the family on your dad's side and if the glare from the sun hurts your eyes it's time to think about what you'll do when the time comes.

Only Old People Are Bald

If you're here researching men and women's hair loss then chances are you've already accepted your fate. If you're under 50 and think it's just temporary (if it's just alopecia areata then hell yeah it is! but otherwise) I am sorry if this stresses you out but baldness or pattern hair loss can hit at any age. While it's significantly more common post 50, it's not an exclusive club you join when you retire. Throughout high school I doubt you had too many Dr. Phil haircuts but from about age 20 is when your entire world can be turned upside down and you may begin to notice a few of your friends thinning out. We say it over and over again but the sooner you start and do something about it, the sooner you can pump the brakes on that bald head!

Hats Are To Blame!

If you're starting to thin out on top, you've probably been told by an "in-the-know" friend that your favourite NY hat you wear on weekends is a big no-no. "You've gotta let your hair breathe and that cap is suffocating it... plus you haven't even been to New York". That know-it-all friend is wrong... well, not about the New York thing, but about the cap suffocating your scalp. While it's important not to wear your hat too tight so it doesn't rub and irritate your scalp or exercise in a cap as the sweat can also irritate your scalp, there's absolutely no concrete proof that hats have an effect. As a matter of fact we've already discussed that the majority of male pattern baldness stems from genetics and if you can't influence your genes I'm absolutely certain a hat isn't changing your DNA. 

Stressing = Hair Loss

This is more of a PSA rather than a myth busted. For your general health it is important not to stress too much but for your hair it's even more important. If you're stressed and you're losing your hair there are three types of hair loss you could be diagnosed with - telogen effluvium, trichotillomania and alopecia areata. Two are due to factors under the surface you can't see (from stress) and the third (trichotillomania) is because of your bad habits while you stress (continual and aggressive pulling and twisting of your hair, ring any bells?).  More on stress induced hair loss over here but for your wellbeing and happiness I'm going to tell you that life is too short to stress so cut it out now and start taking care of yourself.

Who Is joebloe For?

If you are a dude that fits into the male pattern baldness category, then your hair is going to see its final days eventually. The question is, are you ready to let go just yet? Or are you keen to take the plunge and keep thick luscious hair a part of your life before it's too late?!

You've all seen the ads for men's hair loss treatments, with lab coats, futuristics holograms and washed-up cricketers. When we first started, the thought of being a lab-rat for a scientist just wasn't our vibe, so we decided to do our own thing :).

joebloe is for the everyday man! For blokes who don't like being talked down to, who just want to keep doing their thing in the sun. People who work hard, play hard and want to look their best at all times!

If you're anywhere between 18 and 80 and want to give your hair a kickstart without having to change the way you live, we're here! If you've noticed some thinning on a loved one, pass our name on. We strive to help our fellow balding men in any way we can.

It's what we do!

What's In joe's Bag?


Gone Toppo.

Gone Toppo is our topical spray that penetrates throughthe hair follicles and prolongs the Anagen phase!What’s that you ask? It's the stage in the hair growthcycle that DHT is kicking in the nuts...So we’re here to take care of that, no sweat!

Little Pals.

These tiny pocket rockets are absolutelyjam packed with all the best vitamins,minerals and DHT blockers you canpossibly think of! No prescription necessary,just all the kickass nutrients that'll getyour hair healthier, thicker, andlooking 100% bang on!


You may be wondering why we recommend a 3 month subscription? It ain't part of some elaborate marketing scheme... that's not how we roll! Restoring your hair to it's glory is everything but a quick fix. Our subscription means you get what you need, when you need it, over a long enough period to see some baller results! You stay consistent and we’ll guarantee we’ll strengthen your hair and start growing back those locks! Nice! Make your life easier with a 3 month subscription.

The sooner you start,
the sooner you’ll get it back!


Other Hair Loss Solutions

Everyone deserves to be proud of their hair, god knows we spend enough time, energy and dollar bills on it. Luckily, the amount of men's hair loss treatments out there are wild. Money is not the only divisive factor but more importantly how comfortable you are with prescription medication or surgery definitely creeps in. Have a look at our options for natural remedies for men's hair loss here!

At the top end of the scale is hair transplant surgery. There has been a massive amount of research in this field thanks to new age methods and improvements in surgical techniques [here's a pretty gross vid, up close and personal during the procedure]. At the other end is solutions as simple as a DHT blocker shampoo (keep an eye out for joebloe's very own soon). The rate and effectiveness of these treatments for men's hair loss vary depending on each individual. You know that age old saying that no one is alike, well, it's the truest thing mum ever said! Everybody's genetic make up is different, meaning everyones hair follicles react differently, and no one solution is the best across the board. Finding a fast hair regrowth treatment isn't an easy road.

The one thing that is as guaranteed as death and taxes, when it comes to men's hair loss in particular, is that you will eventually lose your hair. But by sticking to a preventative hair loss treatment, you will be able to maintain what you already have and hopefully grow a little more. But if you're one of us, men's hair loss is inevitable, it's just one of those things, but are you ready to let go just yet?


Which DHT Blocker Shampoo's Are The Best?

A DHT blocker shampoo is a shampoo that contains a combination of vitamins that has been proven vital to helping promote the growth of new, healthy hair as well as keeping the hair you already have on your noggin longer than it would stay there if it weren't to get all these fertilising nutrients!

What's The Deal With Hair Transplants

Have you ever had a mate go from the very edge of bald-guy boulevard to hairy hunk over night?We've seen it happen; seemingly out of nowhere some dude suddenly seems to reverse men's hair loss entirely and aresuddenly flaunting a brand new ‘do that exhibits none of thebalding warning signs they used to have.

Have They Discovered A Baldness Cure?

The bald head has been around for decades, nay, for centuries my dear friends! There’s a power that comes with being bald. Why else do you think fully enlightened Buddhist monks of Thailand are bald?So then why does everyone want to find a baldness cure and eradicate our all seeing, raw powers? And have they gotten closer?